Macmillan in Chichester


Here in the Chichester area, we are proud to be amongst the committees that have raised the most monies for the Macmillan cause and the relief and support of Cancer sufferers and their family and friends.

In 2016, all our wonderful supporters and donors helped us raise an amazing £55,000 through a series of locally organised events, collections and support of national events. Please see Events for more details. This means that in the past 3 years, we have raised over £150,000… Fantastic!!!  

Our HUGE THANKS to everyone involved…

This website has been created to show what we have done and what we are planning for the months ahead and to give information to those who may be willing to support our activities in one or more ways… as participants, helpers, contributing prizes and/or donating funds.


Every day 28 people in Sussex hear the devastating news that they have cancer. Cancer affects us all but we can all help to make people’s experience of it better.

With your help Macmillan supports a growing number of new services in West Sussex including:

  • At St. Richard’s Hospital, Chichester:
    •  A Macmillan Senior Oncology Nurse supports local clinicians.
    • Two Macmillan Cancer Support Workers ensure all enquiries are actioned and followed-up.
    • Two Macmillan Chemotherapy Support Assistants are helping local specialist nurses provide cancer support treatments.
    • A Macmillan Lung Cancer Nurse Specialist for the Chichester area.
    • Twice a year, Macmillan events help cancer sufferers make the transition to life beyond cancer treatment.
    • Altogether there are 10 Macmillan nurses based at St Richards.
    • Information Centre personnel provide contacts for local facilities and access to complimentary therapies.
  • Elsewhere in Sussex:
    • There are Macmillan Lead Acute Oncologist Nurses working across the Western Sussex Hospital Trust.
    • A Macmillan dietitian at Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, is supporting people living in the Chichester area.
    • The Midhurst Macmillan Specialist Palliative Care Service in West Sussex, is leading the way in their field as an exemplar for further options.
  • In 2016:
    • 1,229 people in Sussex received grants totalling £213,209 from Macmillan for practical help.
    • Over 1,700 called the Macmillan Support telephone line.
    • More than 1,100 were helped by Macmillan’s mobile support service.
    • In total, over 200 Macmillan professionals work in local clinical environments and communities.


Across the UK in 2016:

  • We helped over 1.4 million people affected by cancer in the UK with personal support through our face-to-face and phone services.
  • We reached an estimated 3.7 million people affected by cancer through our printed Macmillan information resources.
  • We reached an estimated 5.1 million people affected by cancer in the UK through the ‘source of support’ sections of our online website.
  • We secured a total of £227.8 million in benefits and grants for people affected by cancer.
  • We reached over 625,000 cancer patients through our Macmillan Nurses. In addition to these patients, our Macmillan Nurses helped many more carers, family members and friends; and the average Macmillan Nurse helped 157 cancer patients across the whole year.
  • Our national network of face-to-face Macmillan benefits advisers reached nearly 66,000 individual people affected by cancer through over 120,000 interactions. This identified around £201.3m in benefits for people affected by cancer.
  • Over 34,000 people with cancer received a Macmillan Grant, with £13.5m in grants awarded in total. Macmillan Grants help people on low incomes with cancer to meet costs that can arise from the condition and its treatment. This can include things such as heating bills, extra clothing, or a much needed break.
  • Our four Macmillan Mobile Information and Support Services reached over 115,000 people affected by cancer across England, Wales and Scotland.
  • Boots Macmillan Information Pharmacists helped over 58,000 people affected by cancer across the UK.
  • We supported over 34,000 people through the frontline Cancer Information and Support teams, responding to over 63,000 phone calls, emails, and web enquiries via the Macmillan Support Line.

Cancer in the UK 2014 gives a clear account of the challenges we all face with the threat and the reality of cancer in our lives and how Macmillan is helping those involved. Additionally, the following link gives a lot of information regarding What Macmillan Is All About.

To find out more about what Macmillan is doing nationwide please visit:

For all other enquiries about what Macmillan is doing nationally, for help and information, please call:
0808 808 0000