Macmillan Near You

This leaflet shows some key facts about cancer sufferers in Sussex and what Macmillan is doing to help and support:


M&S Collections

During September, Marks & Spencer supported Macmillan as part of a nationwide fund-raising campaign that saw them raise a record-breaking £1.38m through their 300 stores and 1000 volunteers.
The Chichester store collected £7,188… nearly 60% above the national average. Their ‘Girl-on-a-Bike’ in the window of the North street store was a real show-stopper and no doubt helped in eliciting generous donations from our community. Huge thanks to all involved.

St Wilfrid’s Hospice

We are occasionally asked to clarify the different roles of Macmillan and the St. Wilfrid’s Hospice here in the Chichester area and Dame Jenny Wilson-Barnett has kindly provided this helpful explanation:

“Some years ago, the range of responsibilities and cooperation between the Hospice, the Macmillan team and the NHS were agreed.

The Macmillan team here in Chichester are based at St Richards and work with consultants to support and care for patients coping with new or recurrent diagnoses of cancer. There are twelve nurses and several care assistants among this group. Two palliative care specialists help with symptom control for in-patients.

Although Macmillan staff sometimes make home visits to ensure continuity and transfer to the Hospice at Home team, (which is partially funded by the NHS), they tend to work mainly in the hospital. The Hospice at Home staff then continue to provide care at home for those who are near the end of life.

This arrangement varies in different parts of Sussex and the country as a whole.”

Summer Ball 2018

Following the HUGE success of our Summer Ball in 2015, we are thrilled to advise that we hope to arrange another fabulous event for the Summer of 2018. We are currently researching venues and hope to be publishing details very soon… so please watch this space.


Personal Message from Ronnie Williamson

Of all the things in the news today, one thing not reported is the 977 people in the UK today who woke to the news that they had been diagnosed with cancer. Sadly another 997 will receive the same shocking news tomorrow, and this happens every day of every week of every month, until we solve it. Until we find the cause and the cure of cancer in all its forms, of which there are currently approaching one hundred different types.
You see, it really is that shocking.  Cancer does not take holidays, it is not ageist, it is no respecter of ethnic  barriers. It affects us all. It is all too much to comprehend. Surely we are not so apathetic as to turn our backs on nearly one thousand people each day?
No, thankfully not… In fact many of us do many things to help in the fight against cancer. If you think of Macmillan Cancer Support researchers, doctors, nurses, therapists as the specialists in this battle to save mankind, then surely we are all the footsoldiers in the battle?   Can you believe that MacMillan Cancer Support receives no Government funding? It all comes from you and me… the foot-soldiers in the ongoing battle. Every coffee morning, jumble sale, collection and charity event…big or small… every donation or contribution whether individual or corporate is a step in the right direction. Every little bit helps, so never be put off or disheartened. Every effort, every event in support of MacMillan Cancer is good news.
Ronnie Williamson

A wonderful and very personal act of fund raising…

We recently received a much-appreciated donation from Stuart Gerrett whose poignant story and experience prompted him to raise money for Macmillan as described by him below:


Very sadly we lost a close friend to cancer recently, which deeply inspired me to focus attention on raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Keen to give my first fundraising experience a whole heart, and endeavour to give back the most respectable sum I could to these wonderful people, the concept was born. A brilliant one night festival of live bands, DJs, lights, food, fun and enjoyment where all proceeds go to charity.

Giving myself the challenge of but 2 months to organise and host the event, would see the target date toward the end of September, lending itself, and so the name, perfectly to the apt title “Harvest Fest”.

During the setup process we unfortunately got word of further bad news, my wife being diagnosed with cancer for the first time at 35. Even more reason to make the evening a success for Macmillan!

With the help, charity and support of some truly amazing people we managed to secure everything from venue and raffle prizes, through to some quality entertainment, well within budget and on time.

The primary cash generators were from the bar and raffle, seeing prizes such as a weekend break in the New Forest for 2, 4 for golf at Cowdray Golf Club and even a one on one polo lesson by a pro amongst many others.

Much merriment was had by all in good attendance, and so I am pleased to say the event was a huge success. Generating a massive £2000 after costs for this deserved cause in just a few hours.

Cancer is said to affect 1 in every 2 people these days, and it certainly is a topic close to home for us at present. I am very humbled at the shear level of generous input showed by both guests and contributors alike in supporting me with this endeavour.

On a personal note, I am so glad to have been able to positively contribute toward combatting such a vicious illness.


The Amazing Julia Baker

image - Version 3

Over the past 7 years, the fund raising efforts of the amazing Julia Baker have contributed £28,753 to the Macmillan Cancer Support… Surely a record!… What a wonderful effort… Huge thanks and congratulations Julia!

Chichester Area Update

macmillansussex2015Having been the first committee nationally to create and maintain a local website, we are delighted to hear that more committees have now adopted this approach to reporting their work and informing their supporters of local fund-raising news and activities.

We may also be the first group to now produce a locally-focused leaflet designed to inform interested parties about the work that Macmillan is doing in their area.

Our Sussex Report gives news and numbers regarding the importance and investments that Macmillan has been making in and around Chichester. We hope that you will find this interesting and encouraging.

If you would like copies of the leaflet, please contact committee volunteer, Roger Meadows who will be delighted to forward them to you. Alternatively you can download a PDF here: Sussex Report 2015.

Contact : Roger Meadows
07831 574180