Macmillan Update and Thank You

The Chichester Committee were delighted to received this letter from Rob Moon, the Head of Regional Fundraising London and South-East this week and certificate thanking us for the funds we raised in 2017.

Dear Chichester Committee,

Thank you so much for continuing to support Macmillan during 2017. Your dedication to raise more income and awareness is inspirational; we are so appreciative of all that you do.

Based on our unaudited figures (please don’t share these until our annual report is published in the summer) we raised an astounding £244.9 million in 2017; more than ever before. Committees and fundraising groups like yourselves raised a total of £1,156,010 in London and the South East. Our combined efforts, along with some savings in expenditure, allowed us to spend £166.8m on supporting people living with cancer last year. This is up £15m from 2016, and the highest figure we’ve ever committed to services.

This allowed us to reach an estimated 1.6m people with personal, high-impact, support from one of our professionals. We were able to recruit almost 600 more Macmillan nurses, bringing our total to over 5,700 across the UK. In fact, in 2017 Macmillan were responsible for funding 69% of cancer nurse specialists in the NHS. This allows us to be there for people when they need us most – ‘[My Macmillan nurse] Sharon is my security button. She’s the person I call on when I need support’ – Jeannette

Your fundraising helps us to provide our free Macmillan Support Line service (0808 808 00 00) – in 2017 we took over 150,000 calls from people seeking clinical, financial, practical and emotional support. The staff and volunteers who answer these calls (plus thousands of e-mails and webchats) give people vital advice, tailored to their individual needs – ‘I feel less afraid now already, with the information you’ve given me. It’s unbelievable how calm you’ve made me feel, thank you’ – Stephanie

We know that people living with cancer are, on average, £570 worse off a month as a result of their cancer diagnosis. Last year, the financial and welfare guidance teams on the support line uncovered more than £64m in unclaimed benefits, energy support, pension and insurance pay-outs for people they spoke to. We also gave Macmillan Grants totalling more than £14 million to approximately 30,000 people living with cancer, to help them meet some of the additional costs that cancer brings – ‘It was the greatest thing anybody could have done for me at that time’ – Sue

Acting as our ambassadors on the ground, you once again helped us to be voted YouGov’s top charity brand, now for the 5th year in a row. Our brand gives us incredible reach to the public, and we will need that more than ever to meet the needs of the 4m people who will be living with cancer by 2030. We will be refreshing our brand in 2018, to ensure we remain relevant, and that anybody who receives a cancer diagnosis knows we are there to help them.

We continue to be amazed by your support – since 1975 (when our records began) committees and fundraising groups have raised more than £150 million for people living with cancer, which is incredible.

Please accept my sincerest thanks to you and all those who support you in raising funds for Macmillan – we simply couldn’t do it without you. 

With kindest regards

Robert Moon

Head of Regional Fundraising London and South-East

NB: Please note that the sum here varies from the £57,000 stated on our Home page because the number here does not yet include the full benefits of Gift Aid contributions that we will receive.