Personal Message from Ronnie Williamson

Of all the things in the news today, one thing not reported is the 977 people in the UK today who woke to the news that they had been diagnosed with cancer. Sadly another 997 will receive the same shocking news tomorrow, and this happens every day of every week of every month, until we solve it. Until we find the cause and the cure of cancer in all its forms, of which there are currently approaching one hundred different types.
You see, it really is that shocking.  Cancer does not take holidays, it is not ageist, it is no respecter of ethnic  barriers. It affects us all. It is all too much to comprehend. Surely we are not so apathetic as to turn our backs on nearly one thousand people each day?
No, thankfully not… In fact many of us do many things to help in the fight against cancer. If you think of Macmillan Cancer Support researchers, doctors, nurses, therapists as the specialists in this battle to save mankind, then surely we are all the footsoldiers in the battle?   Can you believe that MacMillan Cancer Support receives no Government funding? It all comes from you and me… the foot-soldiers in the ongoing battle. Every coffee morning, jumble sale, collection and charity event…big or small… every donation or contribution whether individual or corporate is a step in the right direction. Every little bit helps, so never be put off or disheartened. Every effort, every event in support of MacMillan Cancer is good news.
Ronnie Williamson